When is the World Husband Day 2022?

When is the World Husband Day 2022?

Husband Appreciation Day is observed on the third Saturday in April and is more romantic than Father’s Day, more serious than National Boyfriend Day, and less stressful than Valentine’s Day. We love this little-known holiday dedicated to the men in our lives who show up for us in bold and subtle ways every day of the year, also known as National Husband Day or World Husband Day. Its fun-loving spirit allows us lucky spouses to be creative and thoughtful in how we express our gratitude to our partners. Other occasions to honor our partners include National Spouses Day on January 26 and Wife Appreciation Day on September 19.

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World Husband Day

When is the Husband Appreciation day?

On the third Saturday of April, celebrate National Husband Appreciation Day by treating your husband like royalty.

History of husband appreciation day

Throughout many cultural and religious traditions, husbands have been established as the protectors and providers of their wives and families since the earliest records of marriage. Certain religious traditions hold that it is the husband’s responsibility to provide physical and even spiritual protection for his wife. Such protection can be extended to a single wife for a lifetime or to multiple wives at the same time. Traditionally, the husband’s role has been one of honor, with the man leading the household in financial and other family planning decisions. Over the last three decades, major cultural shifts have altered how many of us see, feel, and practice marriage. Many marriages are seeing more equality between husbands and wives, with husbands taking on more domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and child care, while wives work full-time and earn as much, if not more, money than their husbands. Other couples have completely abandoned gender roles as new norms of secularism, spirituality, same-sex marriage, and gender nonspecific identities become more ingrained in our cultural fabric. One thing has remained constant throughout our ever-changing history: we adore our hubbies.

Traditions for husband appreciation day

Women go all out on World Husband Day to show their husbands, partners, and best friends how much they appreciate everything they do. After ‘through his stomach,’ one of the best ways to his heart is to appreciate your spouse. Most men enjoy being appreciated, and wives can show it by giving their husbands a simple hug, buying them gifts, or cooking their favorite meal.

Wives who haven’t told their husbands in a while what a great guy he is and how much his dedication and commitment to the family is seen and appreciated should use this day to do so. Men are given tickets to their favorite game, extra attention, and even time away from the family to spend with friends or on personal activities.

How to participate in husband appreciation day?

Give a contribution: Fill a basket, box, or other entertaining container with some of his favorite items. Think about it and be creative. Some of his favorite childhood candy, tickets to see his favorite sports team, and an assortment of his favorite craft beers are a great place to start.

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Do something he enjoys: Invite him to participate in one of his favorite hobbies or pastimes. Even if it isn’t your cup of tea. It will make him happy to know that his partner is interested in something so important to him. If you and your husband share all of your interests, now is a great time to try something new. Go on an outdoor hike, try that new restaurant you’ve been eyeing, visit an escape room, or throw some axes at a range.

Take a walk: Sensual touch isn’t just for the bedroom, and you don’t have to go “all the way” to show your spouse how grateful you are for all he is and all he provides. As you go about your normal day, incorporate some extra hand holding, cuddles, kisses, even smiles and long gazes in his direction. After all, nonverbal communication accounts for 80% of all communication. So use what you’ve got to make it clear that picking him was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Facts about husbands

  • The word husband has Middle English and Old Norse roots that roughly translate to “a householder.”
  • In the early days of marriage, husbands were expected to protect not only their wives and children, but also their servants and livestock.
  • While most Western cultures have adopted the wedding ring as a symbol of marital status, husbands around the world have different markers – such as beards for Amish or a tallit for Jewish faith – to show they are taken; and some, such as Muslim husbands, are likely to have no adornments at all.
  • Husband selling is a rare practice depicted in a work by French novelist François Billetdoux in which a wife sells her husband to another woman, thereby solidifying her divorce from him and his new marriage.
  • While polygamy, the practice of one husband having more than one wife, is seen in over 400 societies worldwide (monogamy is only seen in 186), polyandry, the practice of a wife having more than one husband, is far less common and is seen in just over 50.

Why do we love World husband day?

Every culture has a slightly different perspective on marriage and the duties of a husband. We enjoy reflecting on all of these traditions and discovering the commonalities of love, family, and unity at the heart of them. While our love for our husbands is felt on a daily basis (for the most part), we don’t always have the opportunity to show it in fun and creative ways. On this day, we have the opportunity to express our love in a unique way and give our man the special attention he deserves.

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It’s fun to reminisce about all the plot twists that led us to our marriage. We especially enjoy reliving some of our favorite memories while cuddling on the couch with our husbands and looking through old photos.

Is there a Wife Appreciation Day?

Yes! Wife Appreciation Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of September. It follows the same customs as Husband Appreciation Day.

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World Husband day quotes

It’s World Happy Husband Day. Let us observe 2 minutes of silence and read some quotes from famous people.

“After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of the same coin; they simply cannot face each other, but they remain together.”

Mr. Al Gore

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“By all means, get married. You’ll be happy if you find a good wife. You’ll become a philosopher if you get a bad one.”


“Wife both inspires and prevents us from achieving great things.”

Mike Tyson

“I exchanged a few words with my wife, and she exchanged a few paragraphs with me.”

Bill Clinton

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“There is a faster method of transferring funds than electronic banking. It’s referred to as marriage.”

Michael Jordan

“When she is wrong, a good wife always forgives her husband.”

President Barack Obama

“When you’re in love, amazing things happen. But once you’re married, you’re left wondering what happened.”

Steve Jobs

And the best of them all is…

“Marriage is a lovely forest where brave lions are slaughtered by lovely deer.”

Mr. Brad Pitt

Husband appreciation day dates

Year Date Day
2021 April 17 Saturday
2022 April 16 Saturday
2023 April 15 Saturday
2024 April 20 Saturday
2025 April 19 Saturday

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