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The 7 Most Important Things To Me – What Are Yours?

The reasons why people leave the usual 9-5 routine are deeply personal, but everyone has a story about why they chose to become a freelancer and run their own business  

I love finding out the story behind a small business, because that in essence is their Personal Brand. 

More often than not a small business owner has identified a solution to a problem and turned that solution into a product or a service to help others. In their story we can discover so much about the person that they can almost feel like a friend.  And more importantly, start to trust them and therefore their business.


The importance of asking yourself the question ‘Why’.

When you look back to the excitement of when you started your own business it’s always easy to remember the vision you had for your business, but can you remember the vision you had for yourself?

It’s a good idea to go over the ‘why’ and to reflect and refocus on your core values. I do this annually and yes, my core values do change from time to time when I experience a significant change in my life.

Let me share with you what is important to me right now and why I do what I do.

I have discovered that to make a business work you have to look at it from a Mind, Body and Soul point of view.  If we don’t look after ourselves holistically aspects of our life will be impacted.

Here are my priorities…

1.  My Health.  This is something that many of us take for granted until something goes wrong. During my twenties I worked as a ward sister on a cancer ward for many years.  Working so closely to patients and getting to know them was such a privilege.  I saw first-hand what losing your health means to the individual and the ripple effect it has on friends and family.  Since this role, which I loved dearly, I’m now very aware that I have more yesterdays than tomorrows.  

2.  My Family.  I love my family with all of my heart and my most joyous times are times spent with them.  It’s incredibly important to me to put quality time aside and to share experiences – and also to thank them for supporting me and for always having my back.  

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3.  My Belief In Me.  I believe in myself and I hope you believe in yourself.  When you tell yourself ‘that you can’ you’ll find you can unlock so much more potential.  And sometimes it is this faith that gets us through the rough times.  We all define faith differently; however you describe it, faith is whatever it is that you believe in and is normally something that you can’t see.

4.  My Purpose.  We all need something to get us out of bed in the morning.  Owning a small business is a great focus which gives us purpose.  The aim of my small business is to help others achieve great success and to lead the lives they want – now that’s a great purpose and one that definitely gets me out of bed in the morning.  

5.  My Contribution To Others.  Simply knowing that I am helping others and improving lives is my contribution and I feel great for it.  This is the biggest reason why I do what I do.

6.  My Freedom.  Having the freedom to make our own choices is the most difficult priority to achieve, yet it is the one most of us strive for.  

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Entrepreneurial freedom covers 5 main areas:.

  • Your  finances – the ability to pay for what we want.
  • Your work – choosing what we do, who we work with and when.
  • Your location – you may love working from home or enjoy the company of others in a coffee shop or co-working space, the choice is yours. I know people who travel for months every year and become nomadic entrepreneurs, as long as there’s Wi-Fi you can pretty much work anywhere.
  • Your lifestyle – having the ability to say yes to something you want to experience.
  • Your priorities into practice a top tip is to consider them when receiving a request of your time – ask yourself ‘will this help or hinder my values’.  It comes naturally to us all to say ‘yes’ but it’s OK to say ‘no’ too.   

If you need help identifying your priorities that will allow you to lead the life you want, then I’m here to help.

Show me how you can help me!

Love Sally x

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Sally Inkster

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