15 Stunning Minimalist Watches For Men Under $200

15 Stunning Minimalist Watches For Men Under $200

For as long as humans have been creating scales to measure natural phenomena, we’ve been striving to shrink those scales small enough to stuff them all onto a watch face.

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Some watches are so complicated that you need an instruction manual to figure out what time it is.

But unless you pilot hot air balloons in your spare time, there’s really no need to have a barometer on your wrist. If you’re not hitting the hiking trail every week, you don’t need an altimeter.

There’s a lot of watch features you just don’t need on a day-to-day basis in the modern era.

A simple timepiece makes its own kind of statement. There’s just something wonderful about a watch that only tells you the time of day, while adding some style to your step.

We’ve selected eleven minimalist watches to add that stylistic element you’re after, while keeping things clean and simple.

Dressed up or buttoned down, each of these will add a subtle sophistication to your look.

1. Nordgreen Philosopher


3. Daniel Wellington Classic Black ST Mawes

4. SONGDU Slim Quartz Analog Watch

5. Tonnier Stainless Steel Slim Fit Watch

6. MVMT Classic Analog Watch

7. Vigor Rigger All-Black Minimalist Watch

8. VAVC Simple Leather Band Watch

9. Timex Weekender Fairfield

10. Bijouone Minimalist Leather and Stainless Steel Watch

11. Komono Winston Regal

12. Skagen Ancher Steel Mesh Watch

13. Projects 7404 5 O’Clock Watch

14. Fossil The Minimalist

15. CakCity Stainless Steel and Nylon Watch


Boom—there we go. Which watch was your favorite?

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Each brand has their own specific pluses and minuses, but they all have one thing in common: they’re TAM-approved.

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These are the goods that we’re on the lookout for, have personally purchased, or have simply researched the hell out of.

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