How to Share Spotify Songs with Dynamic Backgrounds on Instagram Stories

How to Share Spotify Songs with Dynamic Backgrounds on Instagram Stories

We will explain to you how to share Spotify songs with dynamic backgrounds in Instagram Stories, a function that is only available in some songs, and that serves to create much more visual stories. Normally, when you share a song in Instagram Stories, it simply shows the album cover with a flat colored background, but with this method you can have a background with moving images.

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Whether or not the background moves in the stories does not depend on Instagram, but on the artists of Spotify. The Spotify song must have Canvas mode activated, which is one with which you can put images that move, like a GIF in the background. Usually this is only done with singles or especially representative songs, and not all artists decide to use this mode in their songs. Come on what you can only do it with some.

Although it is something that is understood, before starting I just wanted to remind you that to share songs in this way you need to have an account on Spotify and Instagram, and both apps installed. It is not something that you are going to do completely from Spotify, but you will click on a function that will take you to Instagram to continue in this app.

Songs with Spotify Canvas in Instagram Stories

The first thing you have to do is enter Spotify, and click on a song you want to share. As we have told you above, you can share any song in stories, but only a few will offer you the dynamic Canvas background, so basically you are going to have to browse through the songs that you want to share to find one that has it.

In these two captures you will see the difference well. On the left you have how normal songs look, and when you share them in Instagram Stories they will look like you see them on Spotify, with the album cover and a colored background nothing else. On the right you have a song with Canvas mode, which shows a kind of GIF with background images. These types of songs with Canvas mode are what we need today.

When you have found a song with a Canvas animated background that you want to share, once inside it press the three-dot button ⋮ that you have in the upper right corner.

When you click on the song’s three-dot ⋮ button, a menu will open with various options that you can select. Here, click on the option * Share to go to the specific menu where you will see all the options available to share this song with other people.

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When you click on the option Share, a list will open where you can choose the method by which you want to share the song. In this list, click on the option Instagram Stories, which is used to share music directly on Instagram stories.

By doing this, Spotify will open Instagram taking you to the option to post a story. On this screen, you will see the album cover and a dynamic background that moves with the same images on the Spotify Canvas. Here, you can add texts, stickers and other elements like any other Instagram story, and when you have it to your liking you just have to publish it as a normal story.

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And that’s it, the story will be published as you left it. Remember that the cover can be moved if you want the background to show more. In the end, when you have it, other people will see the result. And if you are curious you can click on the option Play on Spotify on the top left. This will open Spotify directly to that song.

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