How to Send a Picture as a Snap on Snapchat

How to Send a Picture as a Snap on Snapchat

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Snaps are pictures or videos that are deleted 24 hours after being shared.

They are great to send photos or videos you want to share with someone but you don’t want them to save.

You can even send private snaps on a Snapchat chat, however the content has to be original.

You can’t send photos or videos that are saved in your photo gallery… or can you?

It’s actually possible to send camera roll photo as a direct snap, however, it’s not as easy as it seems.

If you want to learn how to post photos from your camera roll as a snap on Snapchat, this is what you need to know:

  • Can you send snaps from your camera roll?
  • How to send a picture as a snap on Snapchat
  • Does a snap from the camera roll count as a normal snap?

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Can You Send Snaps From Your Camera Roll?

Yes, you can send an image or video from the gallery to a friend, but it’ll appear as an in chat photo or video.

If you want to send a snap video, we have bad news, the app doesn’t support the feature. However, some users have found ways to make it possible.

There are two methods, to be exact.

Those are using other apps and using filters.

Note: You can upload photos from your gallery on private Snapchat stories.When you post a private story on Snapchat, only a few friends will be able to see it.

It’s a great feature to upload images targeted to a few users.

How To Send A Picture As A Snap On Snapchat

First, select a photo or video from your gallery. Once you’ve taken a look at all the recent pictures, it’ll be time to turn it into a normal snap.

To learn how to send a snap from camera roll, just use any of these methods:

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Use A Filter On The Camera Screen

Once you have the photo in mind, it’s time to upload it to Snapchat. To do so, just:

  • Step 1: Open Snapchat app.
  • Step 2: On the search bar, type Camera Roll.
  • Step 3: Once you search for camera roll, tap any of the search results on filters.
  • Step 4: Tap any filters and then tap on the big camera button.
  • Step 5: The gallery will appear in a horizontal way. Select the photo you want to share.
  • Step 6: Send camera roll photo as a snap.

There is another method to search for a filter. Simply tap the smiley emoji button next to the camera button (bottom menu).

From there, just search for the filter.

If everything goes well, you should be able to send the message.

However, if you find the Snapchat message with the pending status on the screen, it means there is an error with the app.

Use A Third-Party App

Some third-party apps allow you to turn a regular video or picture into a normal snap. The most popular app is the LMK app.

The LMK App will let you send recent pictures and saved images from your camera roll and Snapchat memories.

Does A Snap From The Camera Roll Count As A Normal Snap?

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your Snapchat streak.

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When you send a photo or a video saved on your gallery as a snap, you’ll continue your streak.

As far as Snapchat can tell, when you upload a picture from your gallery, it will count it as a normal snap.

But before you post the picture, edit it on Snapchat to remove the black borders.

This will make your photo appear as an authentic post or snap.

Once you edit the photo, open LMK and upload the photo to it.

Then publish it on Snapchat as a snap.

Pro Tip: People prefer sending snaps to ensure that a video or image will be deleted.

However, most users don’t know about the delete message option on the app. Click here to learn how to delete Snapchat messages.

Are There Other Ways To Share Snaps From Camera Roll?

There are other social media platforms like Snap share that do the same as LMK. However, other than LMK, we don’t recommend using those apps to post.

LMK offers more mobile-friendly features, and it’s easy to use. But most importantly, it’s safe to use.

Why Should You Send Snaps From Your Camera Roll?

People send photos this way to keep streaks going. Additionally, sending a snap shows more interest than sharing a regular picture.

Another reason could be to make sure the photo will be deleted after a while. You don’t want people saving a Snapchat message.


Now you know how to send a snap from camera roll. The only thing left for you to do is to put your knowledge to the test.

Start sharing pictures with other users today!

Send a Picture as a Snap FAQ

You can save a picture taken on your Snapchat account to your gallery. Go to your memories and select the save option.

You’ll find your memories as an icon on the left corner of the screen.

Why Can’t I Send Picture From My Camera Roll To Snapchat?

The messages option is limited on Snapchat. However, you and your friends can send a photo as a snap by using a filter.

Just use the search bar on Snapchat to look for a camera roll filter.

Then, tap the filter and upload a photo to a Snapchat conversation as a snap.

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