21 Epic Fitbit Cheat Ideas to CRUSH Your Friends

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21 Epic Fitbit Cheat Ideas to CRUSH Your Friends

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Today I am spilling the beans about how I rock over 100k steps each week- and you are NOT going to believe it! It is the ultimate fitbit cheat guide! I added a couple affiliate links to this post to make it EVEN easier! 😉

Welcome fitbit friends! I am SOO glad you are here! And you’re looking for some ideas on how to finally CRUSH your step goal and dominate your fitbit challenges.

I know how you’re feeling, the struggle is real! Each day, you put on the old fitbit, and get on with your day. You FEEL busy. You MUST have met your step goal, right?

But still, some days you crawl into bed and you feel the sting. No step goal for you! Or maybe you hit your goal, but your marathon training friend ALWAYS beats you.

GAH! Foiled again!

The same thing used to happen to me every week, I know how you feel!

Now, every week I ROCK my Fitbit challenges. Well, today the cat is out of the bag because I have totally found ways to sneak in extra steps and fool my fitbit. And I’m ready to share!

So if you are ready to sky rocket your step count with as little effort possible, you are in the right place!

NOTE: These have already been tested using a Fitbit Flex, Charge HR and Surge, as well as the clip models. I have not tested it with the all new Alta or Blaze yet, but it should be the same for all.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Fitbit Cheat List

1. Clip it to your dog’s collar. Throw a tennis ball. Repeat as necessary. If that is too much for you, get your dog a self-loading fetch machine.

2. Strap your Fitbit to one of your kids. Feed ’em some candy and let them loose!

3. Build this epic Fitbit cheat machine. (I love the name he gave it!)

4. Three words: paint can shaker!

5. Okay, wait- really?! Do you really think I cheat my fitbit?! Moi?!

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6. Then I totally got you! April Fools! Did you fall for it??

7. You know you want to share this with your Step Rival! Step-nemy? Step nemesis? Whatever.

8. But seriously I KNOW you didn’t shell out all that money on a totally rad fitness tracker, only to try to CHEAT it?! Nawww! You wouldn’t do THAT!

9. What a WASTE that would be! You have an awesome opportunity to get more active and even lose weight- if you’re not doing it wrong. You deserve this!

10 But maaaaybe you could use a LITTLE help with that step count, in a non-cheaty way? I can still hook you up! Just find your fitbit user level below to find some hints on how to bump your step count up a level.

11. Beginner – Fitbit 101

12. Intermediate – 15+ Fitbit Tips to CRUSH Your Step Goal – From Real Fitbit Fanatics! 

13. Advanced – 15+ Awesome Fitbit Hacks to Help You Get the Most From Your Tracker

OR For anyone trying to lose weight with Fitbit:

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14. Now go forth and share this- and don’t spoil the ending! It is all in the name of fitbit fun!

15. Know someone who still needs a Fitbit? Send them to the Ultimate Fitbit Buyer’s Guide for tips like where to find the lowest prices and historical low prices for every Fitbit.

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