40+ Best Coffee Bar Ideas & Stations For 2022

If you aren’t a morning person until you get your first cup of coffee, these coffee bar ideas will help you start your day off on the right “sip!” I found everything from the classic farmhouse look to the perfect corner coffee station… so no matter your current home decor or style, I’m sure you’ll find something here that will spark some creativity

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Here are the ones I like:

White Wood Coffee Station

Photo credit: Ashley M on Instagram

Coffee bars can be just that… or they can be a decorative corner of your home! If you want to add a bit of rustic touch to your living room or kitchen, this coffee bar is a must-have. A cupboard, two shelves, and a wall-mount metal cup display rack, and you got yourself a special place for the most important thing in the world… coffee!

Hanging Rae Dunn Coffee Cups

Photo credit: Juliana O on Instagram

If you can’t imagine your day without a cup of coffee, you are a coffee-addict. So, why not create a special place for (almost) everyone’s favorite drink? Make some room in your kitchen and create an adorable coffee paradise like this one! Plus, what’s not to love about those Rae Dunn coffee cups??

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Christmas Coffee Bar Inspiration

Photo credit: Home with Rho on Instagram

If coffee has a special place in your heart, you have to make a special place for it in your home! Whether you make a space in your kitchen or add a cupboard-based coffee bar into your living room, it’s gonna be your favorite part of your home. For the festive season, you can even create a Christmas-themed coffee bar like this one!

Floating Shelf DIY Coffee Station

Photo credit: Natalie on Instagram

A coffee bar is a great way to have a dedicated spot in your home for your favorite drink. The best thing about it… is that it doesn’t have to be much. Even something as simple as this bar will do the work. Just add a few floating shelves, a simple stand that you could probably find at Ikea and your coffee maker!

Colorful Kitchen Coffee Station

Photo credit: Izzy Leonard on Instagram

Turn the corner of your kitchen into a coffee paradise with this coffee bar idea! No need for breaking the bank to get this piece of heaven. Just a simple mount wall rack (you may already have one), a corner of a kitchen cabinet, and voila – you get a coffee bar just like this. I love all the colorful coffee cups too!

Rae Dunn Coffee Bar Inspiration

Photo credit: Simply Kayle on Instagram

Coffee deserves a special place in our homes. So, why not create a cute coffee bar like this one? It’s simple, space-saving, and doesn’t cost a fortune. If you can find an old tv stand on facebook or craigslist… you could turn it into the perfect farmhouse coffee station!

Holiday Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Evelyn on Instagram

Christmas is the most joyful period of the year. And, there’s no better time to add up to the happiness than creating a festive-themed coffee bar that matches your Christmas tree. With all those decorations and your favorite coffee, it’s a double joy for everyone in your home!

Simple Coffee Station

Photo credit: Making Home on a Budget on Instagram

If you are looking for a budget-friendly coffee bar, here’s one for you. It’s the perfect DIY project you can make over the weekend or on a free afternoon. Plus, its contemporary style and compactness can fit any interior and space!

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DIY Coffee Bar Cart

Source: Fresh Mommy Blog

Want a coffee bar, but you’re not sure where you want to put it? No worries. This coffee bar cart is portable, so you can place it anywhere you have enough space for it. Combine rustic styles with a classic bar cart and you will get a decorative coffee station in your home!

Coffee Bar For K-Cups

Photo credit: LF Rustics on Instagram

Have a free corner of your kitchen or small space in your breakfast nook? If you just said YES, take a look at this insanely cute mini coffee bar. With a K-cup holder, two coffee signs, a couple of tiny plants, and the coffee essentials… you can create the perfect mini coffee bar like this one!

Cabinet Coffee Station Example

Photo credit: Bridgette on Instagram

Ready to create your favorite spot in the house? Check out this tiny but adorable coffee bar. Created with lots of love and good planning into details, it can turn coffee haters into coffee lovers! With everything from the chalk paint cabinet to the Rae Dunn coffee cups… this one screams farmhouse!

Dark Wood Coffee Station

Photo credit: Erin Lynch on Instagram

Who would have thought that a couple of shelves, an adorable coffee sign, and rearranging your kitchen coffee utensils can create the perfect coffee bar? Well, someone knew and created this amazing coffee bar. And, you can do it, too!

Fall Rae Dunn Coffee Station

Photo credit: Stevie on Instagram

Check out this fall-inspired coffee bar. No special requirements, just a bit of free space in your kitchen, a shelf, and a lot of coffee mugs and fall decorations! I could see this working well any time of year but just changing out the decor and maybe switching out the pumpkin spice for peppermint or mocha!?

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DIY Coffee Bar In Kitchen

Photo credit: MyModernCraft on Instagram

If your mantra is “but first coffee”, you definitely need a special place for your drink. Having a rustic, country-styled coffee bar like this may actually be a perfect idea. No need for spending a fortune because you can do it with a simple high table like this one! It looks like she repurposed a coat hanging rack for the shelf but… my favorite park is definitely that little coffee cup rack. Such a good idea!

Small Gray Coffee Bar Inspiration

Photo credit: Corinne Bass on Instagram

Here’s one cool coffee corner for all minimalists. It’s space-saving and easy to create since the wooden jar holders can be either bought for a low price or you can make them yourself if you have the skills. Either way, it’s very simple and modern, so it can fit any home!

Pour Over Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Kylee Noelle on Instagram

Have some free space at the end of your kitchen cupboards? You can use it to create your very own coffee sanctuary. Gather all coffee supplies, utensils, and appliances, add some wall mount shelf and rack, and you get this adorable coffee bar!

Farmhouse Corner Coffee Stand

Photo credit: Becky Handmade Farmhouse Decor on Instagram

Got an empty corner in your house? Instead of adding a big mirror or indoor plants, use it to create a coffee bar. Not sure if it’s a great idea? Check out this post and see it for yourself. If you’re looking for a shiplap farmhouse vibe… this has it all!

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How To Make a DIY Coffee Bar at Home

Source: Flour On My Face

Have you been dreaming of having your very own coffee bar? Now you can do it yourself! All you need is an old kitchen cabinet (you may have or if not you can buy one in a thrift store). You can refinish it to match your interior if needed. Then, gather all coffee stuff and add some coffee-themed decorations, and you get a coffee station like this one!

Black Rae Dunn Coffee Station

Photo credit: Desi Will Never Be Dunn on Instagram

Making your own coffee bar has never been easier. Just take an old accent table, (again facebook marketplace will come in handy here) add a couple of wooden shelves, and hang up your coffee mugs. I love how she has both black and white Rae Dunn cups paired with the signs too!

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Erika on Instagram

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If you have enough space, you can re-create this country-styled coffee bar. Place all coffee stuff in one place and enjoy your coffee even more. I don’t know about you but I’m loving that upcycled coat hanger to showcase all her coffee cups!

DIY Grundtal Bar IKEA Hack

Source: Dreaming In DIY

Display all your coffee mugs with this DIY coffee bar. You can do it by using a hook and rail system, you can find at IKEA, and a cupboard. Then, get creative and put up all that stuff together, organize all your coffee gear, and even write a positive message on the wall like this one here! Have a fantastic day!

Kitchen Corner Coffee Stand

Photo credit: Casey Nicole Lettering on Instagram

If you’re lucky enough to have a space like this without anything already there… Don’t keep it useless but turn it into a super-cute coffee bar. Even if you don’t have or don’t want to take up much space, you can create a space where you will enjoy making your coffee. Who wouldn’t want to have a chalkboard wall anyways!?

Coffee Bar For Party

Photo credit: Parties, Decor & More on Instagram

“Coffee? Yes, please.” If this is first thought in the morning, you desperately need a place for your coffee. Create a special corner where you will enjoy making and even drinking your most favorite drink. Take a look at this decorative coffee bar to get inspired and make one in your home!

French Press Bar

Photo credit: Boldly Rise on Instagram

If you love making macchiatos, lattes, and other types of coffee in your home, a coffee bar will make your dreams come true. You can create one using an (old) accent table and a small wall mount rack. It’s so simple, yet so stylish – it would be too bad to miss a DIY project like this one!

Small Coffee Shelf

Photo credit: Caitlin-Rose on Instagram

You can turn your coffee-making experience into an enjoyable one even if you are half asleep with a coffee bar like this. You could probably buy everything you need to make this from Amazon and you could have your own coffee station in no time. If you’re going for a modern look… this one is definitely for you!

White Keurig Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Amy on Instagram

Want a coffee bar but don’t have much space? You don’t need much space! You can create a really tiny coffee station just like this and still have all the things you need to prepare your morning coffee. I love the all-white farmhouse look… especially with those cabinets!

Espresso Bar

Photo credit: Keeping Up With Our New Home on Instagram

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If your kitchen is spacious, add an accent table and turn it into a coffee bar. Stack up all the supplies, utensils, and appliances you use for making coffee. And, you got a dedicated space for your favorite drink – coffee. Plus, a simple letter board would work with just about any style out there!

Coffee Bar With Fall Decor

Photo credit: Miranda Cam on Instagram

Big kitchen? Lots of free space and unused shelves? I know that might be crazy talk but… even if you can clear out some room, something like this would be worth it! Create a place where you will enjoy making coffee and place your favorite decorations. I the simple fall decor that is subtle but the orange still pops!

Simple Coffee Cup Stand

Photo credit: Lulu & Emmie on Instagram

Looking for a DIY project that doesn’t require breaking out every single tool in the garage!? Get inspired by this coffee bar and re-create it in your home. You only need a wooden cupboard, a mug rack, and your coffee maker. It’s as simple as that! You could even paint it white for a farmhouse look or black if you want something more modern. Love it!

Stand Alone Coffee Bar Cabinet

Photo credit: Indy Vintage Bohotique on Instagram

If you have good woodworking skills, here’s an amazing coffee bar idea! You can create a farmhouse style coffee bar like this one using an old cabinet you may have in your basement or can buy from a thrift store. Add a shelf, some scrap wood to create the “backsplash”, and cage lights… I know I making it seem easier than it is but the end result is amazing!

Wooden Coffee Bar Inspiration

Photo credit: Yurok on Instagram

Having a coffee bar doesn’t mean spending a fortune. It can be as simple as this one, using a simple wooden accent table and a wooden wall mount shelf. It’s how you organize and decorate that matters

Hallway Coffee Stand

Photo credit: The Vintage House on Instagram

Not enough space in your kitchen for a coffee bar? Create your own custom-made shelf-based bar like this one. With three wooden shelves and eight black pipes, you can make a portable and compact coffee station. Doesn’t it look great?

Easter Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Dawn on Instagram

Turn an old, second-hand cupboard into a stylish Easter-themed coffee bar like this one. You can use it as a place for making coffee but also as a display for all your Easter decorations. Of course, you can change the theme according to the festive season. So, functional, stylish, and adjustable? Farmhouse sliding doors on a coffee bar… yes, please!!

Built In Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Ashley Miller on Instagram

This is coffee bar GOALS! If you have a built-in wet bar all you really need to do is add your favorite coffee cups and your Keurig or espresso machine. I’m in love with the subway tile backsplash that goes all the way to the ceiling. Coffee right in the living… I’m never leaving the house 🙂

Coffee Bar With Pineapple Decor

Photo credit: Mariana G Baeza on Instagram

With summer waiting around the corner, there’s no better way to welcome it than by creating a summer-themed coffee bar! The best part is that you can adapt your coffee station to any festival by adding themed decorations! Aloha!

Valentines Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Trish Martino on Instagram

Show your love for… COFFEE with this Valentine-themed coffee station. It’s functional and looks amazing. You will love making and drinking your morning cup of joe here. Just like the example from above, this design would look great in any season!

Rolling Coffee Station

Photo credit: Shae on Instagram

Free space and old accent table that takes place in your garage or basement? Combine them to create the perfect home coffee bar like the one here. It’s very easy to make it, functional, and decorative!

Coffee Bar With Fall Pumpkins

Photo credit: In The Moment Restorations on Instagram

If you want a versatile coffee bar, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s highly functional as you can use to store mugs, kitchen supplies, and your coffee maker. It’s also very stylish, so you can use it as another decorative piece in your home. There’s nothing better than that fall farmhouse decor!

Home Espresso Station

Photo credit: Home as a Hobby on Instagram

If you need coffee to wake up in the morning and enjoy it throughout the day, you should consider making a dedicated place for it. It can be something as simple as this coffee station. This is the perfect example of a modern vibe in a super small space. And, of course, a poster with a cool message on the wall. Flat out!

K-Cup Station With Hanging Cups

Photo credit: Casalaconch on Instagram

Make your Mondays much better and happier with this super-adorable coffee stand. Having a special place for your coffee gear will motivate you to get up in the morning. Plus, those K-cup holders are perfect!

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