Can You See Who Shared Your Post on Instagram?

Can You See Who Shared Your Post on Instagram?

As we continue to become increasingly interconnected through social media platforms, it’s becoming more and more common to share videos and photos from our personal lives as well as to reshare posts made by friends and other accounts.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that allows you to share the story of your life with the world. This social network is even becoming more popular now due to the pandemic. In the US alone, Instagram saw an increase of 3.6% in daily active users due to the situation. Instagram users can interact on the platform through comments, likes, DMs, saves, and sharing each other’s content.

Post reshares or reposts are one of the most popular Instagram features, which allows other users to share their own posts on their Instagram stories or in their profile. This can make things “go viral” if many people share the post.

Many marketers and even individual Instagram users take the post to reshare as a vital metric to measure the alignment of their posts to their audience’s interest. It’s relatively easy to “Like’ a post, but sharing could mean the post is much more valuable to the readers.

Can you see who shared your post?

So can you see who shared your post on Instagram? Unfortunately, Instagram will not reveal who shared your posts — it only shows how many times your post has been shared. Luckily, there are some third-party Instagram management apps you can use to see who shared your posts.

Regular users cannot see how many times their Instagram posts have been shared. To see how many times people shared your Instagram feed posts, you need to have a business account.

The good news is that it’s not difficult to switch your Instagram personal account to a business one. To change from a personal account to a business Instagram account, go to the setting, choose “Account,” and tap on “Switch to creator account” or “Switch to the business account.”

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To see how many times your Instagram posts have been shared, go to your business Instagram page, open the posts that you are interested in, and then tap on “View Insights.”

As you can see, in the post insights you can see the number of people who shared your posts. You can also see the number of profile visits, saves, and reaches made by that specific post.

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Why is the number of shared posts important?

First, it shows how much your post was popular and informative that people were willing to share it. Secondly, if people share your photo, it increases Instagram engagement. Do not underestimate the power of shared posts on Instagram engagement because based on the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, shared posts are becoming more and more critical to viewership and impact.


Instagram is a powerful social media tool, and by using all the capabilities it has to offer, a user can experience better management of their profile and influence. By seeing who’s interested in your posts and sharing them, you can better understand the level of your account’s popularity and other useful information.

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