How Many Pictures a 32gb SD Card CAN Hold (RAW + JPEG)

How many pictures can my memory card hold? This question is asked by many. If you’re also someone who’s wondering how many pictures you can store on your SD card, this article is for you.

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In this post, we’ll talk about a 32GB SD card. You’ll discover how many photos (RAW or JPEG) you can possibly add to your 32GB SD card. However, there are multiple factors that affect the photo size, and as a result, it also affects how many pictures your memory card can hold.

Factors Affecting Picture Size

Given below are the main factors that affect the size of pictures captured by your camera:

#1. Image Resolution

As you may already know, image resolution is the most significant factor that affects the size of a photo. The higher the image resolution, the greater your photo size will be. For example, pictures captured by a 20-megapixel camera would be larger than those captured by a 12-megapixel one.

#2. Image Compression

Image compression also affects photo size. JPEG is a compressed format, and that’s why it significantly reduces the image size. On the other hand, images with uncompressed formats, like RAW, are usually much larger in size.

#3. Video files

When calculating how many pictures you would be able to store on your SD card, you should also take into account the number of video files that are present on your card. Videos have the potential to consume SD card space quickly and reduce available space for photos.

#4. Other files

In addition to video and photos, GoPro cameras also create LRV and THM files. These files also use space on your SD card. So, take into account this factor also, before calculating the available space for photos on your SD card.

From the above-mentioned factors, one thing is clear – calculating the absolute number of photos that your SD card can hold is not so simple, after all! However, I’ve tried to calculate this absolute number, subject to these factors.

JPEG & RAW Files

GoPro cameras capture pictures in two formats – JPEG & RAW. Both the formats differ from each other when it comes to how much space they consume.


This one is the most popular picture format, as it’s compressed and uses lesser space. The average JPEG image size on the latest GoPro Hero 10 Black is around 6.5 MB. That translates to around 4923 JPEG pictures on your 32GB SD card. But, the number of pictures you can store varies depending upon your camera resolution. For example, a 12MP camera can fill 32GB with about 8864 photos. A 24MP camera, on the other hand, will only be able to fit 4896 photos in the same space.

The table given below will give you an insight into how the camera resolution affects the number of JPEG pictures you can store (per GB):

Megapixels File Size (MB) Images per GB
5.5MP 1.7 588
8MP 2.4 417
10MP 3 333
12MP 3.6 277
16.6MP 5 200
18MP 5.2 192
20MP 5.6 178
23.6MP 6.5 153


RAW image files are usually much larger than JPEG files. That’s why you won’t be able to store as many RAW pictures in a 32GB SD card as JPEG ones. On average, an uncompressed RAW file is about 30 MB in size. Therefore, you can store about 1075 RAW pictures on a 32GB  SD card.

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Pro Tip: To free up space in your SD card, move RAW files from your SD card to a computer or external hard drive.

GoPro Cameras – Number of Pictures a 32GB Card Hold

Looking for a GoPro model-specific number of pictures your 32GB SD card can hold? Have a look below:

GoPro Hero 10 Black

The GoPro Hero 10 Black has a 23.6MP lens and captures approximately 6.5MB images. It means that you can store 4923 images on your 32GB SD card.

GoPro Hero 9 Black

With 20MP image resolution, the image size on GoPro Hero 9 Black is around 5.6MB. This translates to about 5715 images on a 32GB SD card.

GoPro Max

GoPro MAX features a 16.6MP lens. It captures approximately 5MB images. Therefore, you’ll be able to store about 6400 GoPro Max image captures on your 32SD SD card.

GoPro Hero 8 Black, Hero 7 Black & Hero 6 Black

All these cameras – the GoPro Hero 8 Black, Hero 7 Black & Hero 6 Black – have a 12MP resolution. The size of images captured by these cameras is approximately 3.6MB. This translates into roughly 8890 images that you can store on a 32GB SD card.

Here are some of my top recommendations for 32GB microSD cards:

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Final Advice – Should You Really Get a 32GB SD Card?

The storage capacity of your SD card matters a lot. Especially today, when super high photo/video resolutions (24MP/5K), higher frame rates, and video bitrates as much as 100Mbps are the norm! These factors automatically translate to an increased size of videos recorded by the latest GoPro cameras, including the GoPro Hero 9 Black & the GoPro Hero 10 Black.

Therefore, using a 32GB SD card with your GoPro is not a great idea. It may simply not be enough for your needs! As described above, you should also consider the space captured by videos while calculating how many photos you would realistically be able to store on your SD card.

For context, you can only store about 19 videos (average length – 3 minutes) in a 32GB memory card. In such a case, you’ll be left with little to no space for photos. That’s why you must consider upgrading to an SD card with at least 128 GB of storage space if you don’t want to encounter that annoying ‘Storage Full’ signal very often.

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