All You Need to Know about How Does Bumble Location Work

All You Need to Know about How Does Bumble Location Work

This article will examine how Bumble uses your location to help you find a date.

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Ince, we understand how Bumble location works: we can then determine if it is possible to alter your location on Bumble. This can help you open yourself up to more features on Bumble and more matches than you can get in your location.

Let’s get started.

How Does Bumble Location Work?

Unlike most other location-based apps, Bumble will not continue to run in the background after you close it. Instead, it shuts down completely and will not start to run again until you view a match or a message. Therefore, if you are offline, Bumble will only have the location information of your most recent geographical location (where you were when you stopped using the app).

The location information on Bumble will appear as the name of the city and other users will see the distance from you at the time you launched the app (they will not know if you are online or offline). When you get back online, Bumble will get your location-based in the device’s GPS data and Wi-Fi information, meaning that the app will show your location based on where you are (the city you’re in) when you use the app.

What Is Bumble’s Travel Mode?

Bumble has a feature known as Travel Mode. This feature allows you to set your location to a different city than the one you’re in for a period of 7 days. You won’t get to set an exact location and your profile will also have an indicator showing that you are in Travel Mode.

This feature is meant to help you find matches when you travel to new regions and cities.

It is however not free: you have to pay with Bumble coins to access the Travel Mode setting. Here’s how you can enable Travel Mode:

Step 1: Open Bumble and then tap on the gear icon to open the Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to find the Location settings at the bottom and then select “Travel to…”.

Step 3: Search for the city you wish to travel to and select it. The timer will begin right away.

When you’re in Travel Mode, you can change your location as many times as you want, but you can select one location at a time.

Can You Trick Bumble without Anyone Knowing?

But what if you want to change your location to a specific location in a region you don’t intend to visit? In this case, we recommend using iToolab AnyGo.

This is a program that can allow you to teleport the GPS location of your iPhone to any location in the world. Bumble will then pick up on this new location and begin to provide you with matches in that area.

AnyGo allows you to change your location as many times as you want and you won’t even have to use your Bumble coins to do it.

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Step 1: Run AnyGo and then connect the iPhone to the computer. Click “Start” and you will see a map with the current location of the device.

Step 2: To change the location to any location in the world, click on the “Teleport” icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Enter the exact location you want to teleport to and then click “Search.

Step 3: A popup will appear showing the exact coordinates of the location you have chosen. Click “Go” and the location of the device will be changed to the selected location.

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Keep in mind that with AnyGo, you can change the location as many times as you want to as many different locations as you want.

Hot FAQs about How Does Bumble Location Work

Here are some questions you may also ask.

Can You Use Bumble without Enabling Locations?

No. Bumble is set up in a way that you have to grant it locations permissions to use it. In fact, it would be pretty useless to you unless you can use your location to find matches.

But if you turn off your location, you will still be able to interact with the matches you already have and they will see your last known location.

How Often Does Bumble Track Your Location?

When it comes to tracking your current location, Bumble is very different from other location-based apps. Unlike other apps that will track and show your location as you move, Bumble will only show your location when you are online or when someone sends you a message.

This means that if you don’t open the app, no one swipes your profile and no one sends you a message, the app will not update your location.


Bumble will show your location based on where you are (the city you’re in) when you use the app. If you don’t want this app to track you all the time, the best way is to use iToolab AnyGo to fake your location. Want to get more information about Bumble? Leave your comment and let’s talk about them.

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