10 Easy Cake Decorating Ideas To Make Your Baby Shower Unforgettable

Babies enter the world, and everything changes. While parenting brings its ups and downs, there is one major moment to look forward to before the baby arrives: the baby shower!  Baby showers are a tradition that helps new parents prepare for this big change. Loved ones shower soon-to-be mothers with gifts, to make sure the parents have everything they want and need for their new bundle of joy.

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Besides giving presents, there are also usually fun games, like guessing the exact date/time of the birth, decorating onesies, and eating yummy treats– such as the 10 cakes below!

If a fancy cake is not in the budget or if elaborate styles are not your thing, you can try out these 10 easy cake decorating ideas. And if you are not super crafty, that is okay, too. Some of these cakes just have cute toppers, others just require adding some dots of frosting, and a couple even allow you to go crazy with sprinkles. The point is that they all implement colors, decorations, and trends that will help make your baby shower unforgettable!

10 Use Theme Colors In Tiers

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Let’s start off simple, you can have a cake that matches your theme or the coordinating colors. If you know the gender of the baby, you may choose to go with either pink or blue as the main colors for the day. Another option is having a themed party, whether you know what you’re having or not. You can pick themes such as the sky, literature, princess, or adventure.  Match your cake to the color or theme, this will definitely look festive!

9 Embellish With Cake Toppers

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If you don’t want to attempt to make a layered cake, that is okay. Your cake can still be festive by adding a series of cake toppers. You can buy figurines or funky candles. Letters or banners can be added as well. You could go with tiny metal sculptures, wood for a rustic look, banners with quotes on them, or you could DIY your own cake topper. The options really are endless, and you can mix it up, depending on the style of your shower, and depending on your taste – just have fun with it!

8 Try Out The Ombre Trend

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An ombre design, which means you blend colors from dark to light, can really make your cake stand out. Depending on what color you choose, you can make an ombre cake that is inspired by your baby’s gender! You can add sprinkles that also follow the ombre pattern, similar to this cake.

7 Use Sprinkles

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Speaking of sprinkles, this is the easiest way to create a fun cake! One color can be lightly dusted over the top. A rainbow effect can be created by plastering them anywhere and everywhere. A stencil could be used to make a sprinkle-filled heart, a name, or another figure. Plus, who doesn’t want fun and tasty sprinkles all over a cake?

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6 Decorate With Dots

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A step up from sprinkles would be constructing shapes out of other ingredients such as fondant or icing. You can use a piping tool to place little polka dots all over your cake, or you could snip perfectly shaped circles out of fondant (an icing that can be sculpted) and go for a whimsical dessert. Either way, by playing around with the shapes, colors, and placement, you can really make it your own.

5 Put Desserts On Desserts

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Here is a brilliant way to decorate a cake: Put more sweets on it! Decorate with candy, place donut holes or cake balls on top of a round cake, line a rectangular cake with cereal, throw cotton candy on top of cupcakes. The possibilities are endless with this tip, and they all sound like real winners.

4 Make It Colorful

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If you are at a total loss, just know that color is key. Even if you do not have one theme color, that is okay. Cakes are synonymous with parties and a good time, so just try to create something vibrant. Start with a simple, white cake then experiment with sprinkles, confetti, and candles until you create something sweet, simple and smile-inducing.

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3 Know That Less Can Be More

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On the other hand, you could plan down, following the mantra less is more. Naked cakes are really in right now. While it may look like you are getting lazy, you are actually creating a super trendy cake. Bonus points if your naked cake layers are dyed with food coloring. Once again, you can implement the ombre effect by having different shades of cake. Yum!

2 Throw In The Necessities

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Out of sprinkles? Not crafty enough to make a topper? Why not use something that a baby would need. Pacifiers, bottles, and little toys would make great cake decorations! Place them in a fun and unique way, or simply perch them on the top of a sheet cake. Voilà! You have got yourself a fantastic dessert.

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1 Skip The Cake

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Okay, we are at the final tip, and, as we mentioned, baby showers are sort of tradition. But not everyone likes to follow along with tradition! That being said, why not skip the cake altogether? It is your baby shower, and you can do whatever you want – which includes stepping up and speaking out about dessert options. Do you want cupcakes, donuts, pie, or a salad? Go ahead! It doesn’t have to be pink or blue or have storks on it. As long as you are happy with the choice, your baby shower will be a success. So try out these cake decorating tricks, make your baby shower your own, and know that we are congratulating you and wishing you lots of luck on this new adventure!

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