20 Encouraging Bible Verses for Anxiety and Stress

20 Encouraging Bible Verses for Anxiety and Stress

These 20 Encouraging Bible Verses for Anxiety and Stress will help you worry less, find comfort, and gain a peace of mind during stressful times and seasons of your life. Read these uplifting bible verses any time you are feeling anxious, stressed, or worried. 

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20 Encouraging Bible Verses for Anxiety and Stress

Hi friends! It’s no secret that the past few years have been stressful for pretty much everyone.

I know over the past few months my anxiety and stress levels have personally been at an all-time high, and it’s been a struggle not to worry about all the uncertainties and things happening in our world.

But if there’s one thing that always helps me re-gain a peace of mind, it’s in reading my bible and being reminded of my Savior’s unfailing, never-ending love.

I love being able to read those beautiful words of encouragement and know that even when I feel like I can’t go any further, I always have a Heavenly Father and friend that will help pull me through.

So in case you’re looking for some extra encouragement right now and are looking for bible verses for anxiety and stress, then keep reading for 20 Uplifting Bible Verses to Help with Anxiety.

I hope you find these uplifting bible verses helpful and that you save this page as a resource to come back to and read whenever you are feeling stressed and anxious.

20 Encouraging Bible Verses for Anxiety and Stress

In today’s post, I’ve rounded up a list of 20 Encouraging Bible Verses for Anxiety and Stress that will lift you up during hard times.

These encouraging bible verses will provide you with comfort and peace of mind and will help you navigate those tough times in your life when you are battling with worry, stress, and anxiety.

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Encouraging Bible Verses – Cast Your Anxiety on God, Because He Cares For You

As someone who has personally dealt with anxiety and worrying most of my life, I can tell you that there have been times where I have felt so paralyzed and alone with my feelings and thoughts.

Anxiety and depression can often make you feel alone and even make you feel as if no one even cares about you.

But in gaining a closer relationship with Christ over the years, I have learned that’s just a lie that the enemy tries to make us believe.

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In fact, we’re NEVER alone and scripture reminds us in numerous places that not only is God always with us, but the depth of his love is far beyond what we could ever imagine. 

What does God say about anxiety and fear?

God speaks of anxiety and fear several times throughout the bible, reminding us to put our faith and trust in him, and commanding us to pray and give thanks instead of worrying.

As his children, God doesn’t want us to worry or be anxious, but instead he wants us to fully trust that he will always provide us with everything that we need.

In Philippians 4:6-7, scripture tells us to:

In 1 Peter 5:6-7, the bible reminds us to:

How do I give my anxiety to God?

You might be wondering, but how do I give my anxiety to God? It’s simple – through prayer!

Whenever you’re going through a hard time or facing a tough circumstance, seek God first and let him fight your battles for you.

And of course beyond praying, God also wants us to TRUST and believe with all of our hearts that he will provide.

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One of my personal favorite scriptures is Proverbs 3:5-6, which reads:

You see, when we put our faith and trust in God and know that he will help us no matter the circumstance, there is no need for worry, stress, or anxiety.

He is ALWAYS faithful and will always help us with whatever we need.

What bible verses help with anxiety?

There are SO many encouraging bible verses to help with anxiety, but below I’ve rounded up 20 of the most encouraging bible verses.

Be sure and save this post for later, so you can reference these bible verses anytime you’re needing extra encouragement.

20 Encouraging and Uplifting Bible Verses

Philippians 4:6-7

Matthew 11:28-30

Luke 12:29-31

Matthew 6:34

Proverbs 12:25

Joshua 1:9

Jeremiah 17:7-8

Hebrews 13:5-6

Psalm 55:22

Proverbs 3:5-6

Psalms 94:19

2 Corinthians 12:10

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