10 Bible verses to remember when you’re stressed

10 Bible verses to remember when you’re stressed

Mike McMillan

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There’s no shortage of worry these days.

Whether you’re a mom torn in five directions, a student stressed over the next exam, or a dad wondering where your next job will come from, these 10 verses that show God is with us even when we think He’s checked out.

Where to Go When…

1. When you feel God doesn’t respond to your concerns right away,  read Psalm 34:6.

Does it sometimes feel like God’s been slow to respond to your troubles? Face God with a posture of prayer, because He’s always ready to respond in His time and in His ways. 

2. When you want God to do things your way, in your timing, read Proverbs 3:5. 

You might have heard this one before, but it’s still hard to put our troubles in God’s hands. We want Him to solve our problems with our own methods and in our own time. However, we never see the big picture — but God does. And He’ll come through in ways we’ll never be able to imagine. 

3. When your circumstances steal your happiness, read James 1:2.

This is a verse you might find odd. Why would we be joyful when we experience trials? It’s contrary to our natural reaction.

Joy during hard times is difficult, but with God all things are possible. When we’re close to Him, it’s possible to have peace and joy when it seems like the ship is about to go down. For more on this, check out what Jesus does in Matthew 8:23-27.

4. When you’re uncertain about what the future holds, read Psalm 112:7.

If we have joy through the storms, we’re probably not worrying too much about what’s to come. If we fear bad news, we’re worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet.

We can trust in our heavenly Father to carry us through what’s to come, leaving tomorrow’s problems for tomorrow. Which leads me to…

5. When you can’t focus on today, read Matthew 6:34.

When you focus only on what’s ahead, you can’t see or deal with the problems today. If you want to successfully assemble a piece of IKEA furniture, you’re certainly not going to start with step 10. You’re going to start at the beginning and go one step at a time. Our walk with Jesus is like that.

6. When you don’t have any energy left, read Philippians 4:13.

When you’re running on fumes, it’s important to keep this verse in mind. If you’re out of strength, Jesus has good news for you: He can become your strength! When we’re at our weakest, He’s at His strongest (2 Corinthians 11:30).

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7. When you don’t know how to handle your anxiety, read Philippians 4:6-7.

The first sentence commands us to present our needs to God. But the second verse comes with an amazing promise: we’ll receive the peace of God, “which transcends all understanding.” What a blessing! 

8. When you wonder why you’re going through a hard time, read Romans 8:28. 

The situation you’re going through may be tough, but God is using it for His purposes. Take comfort in the knowledge that God won’t just bring you through the problem, but He’ll use it for your good and His glory.

9. When you’re overwhelmed by troubles, read John 14:1.

Jesus often warned about worry. When we fear, we worry more, but it’s never a good idea to waste energy or focus on problems that may never happen.

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If we fear the wrong things, that becomes an object of worship — an idol that we care about more than God. That’s why Jesus told us to fear God and focus on Him. Do your best, trust in God, and let Him take care of the rest. 

10. Any time you’re in distress, read 2 Samuel 22:7.

David was well acquainted with stress. King Saul spent part of his reign trying to kill David, even though David had done nothing to deserve it. Still, he praised God through his troubles and penned some of the greatest love songs to God that we know as the Psalms.

If David — who was known as a man after God’s own heart — faced trouble, we know we’ll also face it. On the flip side, we know that God brought David through these troubles, and He’ll also bring you through.

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