32 Bible verses about helping others In need (Powerful Scriptures)

32 Bible verses about helping others In need (Powerful Scriptures)

About three months ago, a lady had requested my support to start a small business.

You are reading: 32 Bible verses about helping others In need (Powerful Scriptures)

She is married with two little kids.

Not too long ago, her husband was involved in an accident that fractured both of his legs.

And as a result, he couldn’t meet up with his obligations of taking care of the family.

More so, he was yet to be taken to the hospital because of a lack of funds.

That Sunday, as she asked for my help, I was dumbfounded.

But sadly, though I wanted to help, I had my own financial issues.

I recently took a loan that required monthly deductions of about 70 percent from my salary.

As a result, I had very little cash on me. So, I asked for patience.

About two weeks later, after church service, my wife and I decided to surprise her.

We drove down to her apartment and gave her precisely the money she requested.

At that point, I realized firsthand the importance of helping others in need.

She was so emotional that she started crying.

She was filled with so much happiness and joy that she was lost in praises.

Helping the poor is a critical way of fulfilling the bible commands.

God has asked us to love others and help them without recognition.

Most importantly, we must care for others without bragging.

That way, when we assist those in need in secret, God has promised to bless us in the open.

I have compiled Bible verses about helping others in need to inspire you.

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Bible verses about helping others

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Help the poor; More words of encouragement

1.  It is a commandment, not an advice

Helping others is not a piece of advice; it is a commandment of God.

At all times, we must stick to the true gospel of God, which has its foundation built on love.

We are all recipients of love and must reciprocate this kind gesture to others in need.

Jesus, when speaking to his disciples, reminded them to love one another.

Yes, we must put ourselves in the shoes of others.

We must help the poor in the best possible way we can.

Ignoring or leaving them in their misery is ungodly and sinful.

Christ said,

2.  Be compassionate and never expect a reward

One outstanding quality of a faithful Christian is unconditional love.

When love engulfs your life, you instantly become compassionate, showing empathy to the poor.

Love opens our minds to understand the pains of others and help them.

Love also inspires us to do good to the indigent, even in our scarcities.

You mustn’t be rich to help.

Help can be in diverse forms. For example, it could be financial assistance or encouraging them with the word of God.

3.  Help in secret, and God will bless you openly

Have you ever seen those giveaways in the public domain? Where people try to help others openly for the sake of the public eye.

God frowns at such and requests that we help others with dignity.

We must help those in need secretly and without bragging.

Most times, I find this extremely difficult to do, especially in a public spot.

But, I allow myself to be led by my conscience because It is even more sinful not to help at all than to help in the public domain.

If you must help, always try to be discreet as possible, knowing full well that God is watching.

Bible verse about helping others in secret

May God bless you with riches and wisdom to support those in need around you. Amen.

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