Best Thyroid Supplements: Top Thyroid Support Supplements in 2022

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Have you ever wondered that poor thyroid health can cause some serious problems for you? If not then let us tell you how crucial the healthy functioning of the thyroid is for you. The thyroid is a part of your neck and functions to produce hormones that enhance your mood, improve energy levels and regulate the metabolism rate of your body. However poor thyroid health can lead to several problems such as mood fluctuations, low energy levels, fatigue and slow cognitive functioning.

Want to improve thyroid health? Here we have a complete guide to help you choose the best thyroid supplement according to your needs. These supplements can help provide you with multiple benefits such as reducing stiffness in muscles aches, improving cognition and boosting energy levels. Want to know more about thyroid supplements?

Read further and we can guarantee you that you will be able to find the best thyroid supplement in no time.

List Of Top Thyroid Products To Regulate Metabolism In 2022

1. Thyrolin – Overall Best Thyroid Supplement On The Market, Editor’s Choice
2. Vitapost Thyroid Support– Best Thyroid Vitamins For Thyroid Support 

#1. Thyrolin – Overall Best Thyroid Supplement On The Market, Editor’s Choice

Thyrolin is our best pick overall for thyroid supplements. This brand manufactures a dietary supplement that helps maintain the thyroid gland’s proper functioning. Based in the United Arab Emirates this brand is dedicated to offering high-quality and safe supplements to its customers. In addition Thyrolin ensures that it uses premium ingredients to help you deal with thyroid malfunction.

With a unique blend of 13 natural ingredients and an advanced thyroid support formula the Thyrolin ensures full support for the proper functioning of thyroid glands. Using this supplement positively affects your overall health and reduces symptoms of poor thyroid health. You even get a 90 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the effects of the product. When choosing this brand you can be at peace of mind that your supplement contains safe and effective ingredients.

Thyrolin helps you achieve optimal hormone production that significantly improves your thyroid health. Other benefits include helping you to reduce weight and fatigue. You could even save up a considerable amount through bundle deals offered by this brand. A single bottle of Thyrolin would cost $49. You could even purchase a bundle deal of three bottles for $98. You can expect $10 shipping and handling charges. However if you go for a refund then you might still be charged for handling and shipping.


• A unique blend of 13 natural ingredients
• Advanced thyroid support formula
• Supports proper functioning of thyroid glands
• Positive effect on the overall health of the consumers
• 90-day money-back guarantee


• Safe and effective ingredients
• Helps in achieving optimal hormone production
• Promotes weight loss
• Reduces fatigue and weariness
• Bundle deals offered


• Handling and shipping costs are charged for each order

 #2. Vitapost Thyroid Support– Best Thyroid Vitamins For Thyroid Support

Vitapost Thyroid Support is our best pick for people looking forward to boosting their energy levels. Vitapost uses a unique thyroid support formula to help in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. The ingredients used in this supplement are tailored to provide optimal thyroid health. In addition the usage of ingredients such as Kelp and Iodine offers additional support for your thyroid health. Vitapost offers exceptional customer support and is committed to delivering the best to the customer.

When using this supplement you would experience a visible difference in the regulation of your metabolic rate. This supplement is proven to provide multiple benefits. You would experience clarity and focus along with a significant boost in your energy levels. The improved production of your thyroid hormone helps in boosting your thyroid health. You could even get discounts through bundle deals along with reasonable pricing.

You could get a single bottle for $23.95 or even subscribe for $60 for a whole year. Buying three bottles could even get you a bottle of supplements for free. These supplements do not contain any allergens and are suited for people who want to maximise the health and performance of their thyroid glands. However these supplements are strictly not suitable for people who have any existing medical conditions.


• A unique formula consisting of Kelp and Iodine
• Committed to delivering optimal thyroid health
• Variety of ingredients provide multiple health benefits
• Exceptional customer support system
• Helps in regulating metabolic rate


• Supports clarity and focus
• Boosts energy levels
• Improves production of thyroid hormone
• Discounts through bundle deals
• Reasonable pricing


• Not suitable for people who have any existing medical condition

How We Made This List Of Thyroid Support

Before we made our list of the best thyroid supplements you could try out in 2022 several factors had to be considered such as ingredients, taste, customer reviews, side effects and pricing. We have tried to highlight all the aspects a potential buyer should consider when looking for the best thyroid supplement.

When making our list we ensured that the best brands on the market were chosen that had great customer experiences for the benefit of future consumers. Here we have explained some factors that we have considered as a priority while selecting brands for our list.

Reputation– You must purchase thyroid supplements from well reputed brands to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the product
Source of Ingredients– An important step when looking for the best thyroid supplements is to ensure that the ingredients come from an authentic source
Efficacy– You need to search for thyroid supplements with a high efficacy rate to ensure that your chosen supplement would be helpful for you according to your needs

After considering all the factors we have selected two brands for our list to help make your purchase decision easier. So here is the first look at the best thyroid supplement you could try in the market today.

What You Should Know When Looking For The Best Thyroid Medication For Weight Loss

Choosing the best thyroid supplement for yourself can be a complex task since countless brands are available in the market. We have tried to simplify this process for you so that you can easily choose the thyroid supplement which is suitable for you. In this section we have highlighted all the factors that are integral to the purchase decision of every potential buyer. You will be able to narrow down your choices easily by considering these factors. Just follow step by step and we can assure you that you will be able to choose the thyroid supplement which would be beneficial for you in the long run.

Brand Reputation

You should consider the reputation of a particular brand before you purchase a thyroid supplement. It is advised that you should buy from brands that have a solid reputation in the market as this guarantees the quality and authenticity of the products. When making our list we considered brand reputation as a primary factor so that you could get the best product. Our best pick here in terms of brand reputation is Thyrolin.


An important aspect you need to consider when looking for the best thyroid supplement is the usage of ingredients by your chosen thyroid supplement manufacturer. Some ingredients used in these supplements include Vitamin D, Selenium, Iodine, Zinc, Probiotics, Green tea extract, Curcumin and Ashwagandha. These ingredients are beneficial for thyroid health in multiple ways by increasing your body’s ability to improve thyroid health.

Ingredients such as Selenium improve thyroid hormone production and protect your thyroid from oxidative stress. Iodine is necessary for the thyroid’s proper functioning, and a deficiency of this nutrient could lead to thyroid malfunction. Another ingredient, Zinc is essential for maintaining a healthy level of thyroid stimulating hormone. Curcumin can help repair the damage to your thyroid as a result of oxidative stress. It even has inflammatory properties that reduce the effect of Hashimoto’s disease.

When making our list, we looked for brands that use high quality ingredients that had been tested and approved for their potential benefits. We ensured that the brands on our list had chemical free ingredients that would minimise the side effects on your thyroid health. You should check for ingredients used by your thyroid supplement manufacturer beforehand so that you might know if you are allergic to any of them. Our best pick is Thyrolin which uses a unique blend of 13 natural ingredients to boost your thyroid health.


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You should consider the taste of thyroid supplements to identify whether they would suit your taste buds. Some thyroid supplements might cause distortion in taste which would cause you not to feel any taste for a temporary time period. Therefore you should know about this beforehand so that it does not become a source of inconvenience for you.

Quality and Standards

You should also check for your chosen product’s quality and manufacturing standards. We ensured that any brands that used any fillers and binders used in their products were not included in our list. We only included brands that maintained a high quality and manufacturing standard. This helped us shortlist the best brands for all potential consumers. Maintaining the quality and standard of the product helps to ensure that the consumer gets the best value from the product.

Scientific Evidence

You need to ensure that the ingredients used by your chosen thyroid supplement manufacturer are backed by scientific evidence. There should be no ingredient that has not been tested scientifically to ensure that it is safe and would be beneficial for the consumer. Some of the common ingredients used in thyroid supplements such as Iodine, Selenium and Ashwagandha extract have been scientifically tested as well as proven to be beneficial for thyroid health.


You should also ensure that your chosen thyroid supplement maintains complete transparency in its product’s manufacturing and sale process. This would help you have a comprehensive outlook about what you will consume and how it would be beneficial for you. The thyroid supplement brands on our list ensure complete transparency to prove their authenticity and provide you with added peace of mind.


You might want to consider this aspect to ensure that your chosen thyroid supplement is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. There are some brands that offer this type of product as it can cater to the needs of a large consumer base. Our best pick for hypoallergenic thyroid supplements is  Thyrolin which would not cause an allergic reaction for the consumer in most cases.


It is crucial that you should consider the pricing of your chosen thyroid supplement brand. The pricing should be reasonable so that your purchase decision is a value for money one. Moreover the supplements should be available in different quantities for the ease of the consumers. The best thyroid supplements even offer a money back guarantee which ensures that you would be eligible for a refund if the supplements don’t work for you.

The brands on our list offer thyroid supplements in various quantities and prices so that consumers can purchase according to their needs. The prices vary from $23.95 to $49 for a single bottle of supplements. You could get discounts in terms of bundle deals when purchasing more than one bottle of supplements. Vitapost Thyroid Support even offers a free bottle when you purchase three bottles together. You could even get a subscription for an entire year for $60. Therefore you should closely monitor the pricing to get the best deal for thyroid supplements.


You might want to consider the effectiveness of your chosen thyroid supplement brand. This is necessary to ensure that the benefits of the supplement match the price charged for making your purchase decision worthwhile. The effectiveness of a brand’s product also indicates its reliability so you should not ignore this aspect.

Customer Reviews 

An important step when looking for the best thyroid supplements is to check for customer reviews. The experiences of other people related to a particular thyroid supplement could provide you with a lot of valuable information about the brand. Therefore it would be best to check for customer reviews of your shortlisted thyroid supplement manufacturer.

We also recommend that you should check the reviews published by third-party websites. This would help you narrow down your choices and speed up your purchase decision. You should check for reviews on websites such as Trustpilot to get a holistic view of your chosen thyroid supplement. The brands on our list have remarkable customer reviews and experiences which indicates that you could not go wrong if you chose a thyroid supplement brand from our list.

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Side Effects

Before you choose a thyroid supplement brand you need to check for any reported side effects of the product. You need to be aware of some complex side effects of thyroid supplements so that you do not have to face any inconvenience later on. Some mild side effects of thyroid supplements include digestive distress, nausea or even discomfort in the stomach. You might have to check for any ingredients that would be allergic to you. Moreover you need to discuss with your doctor before you start consuming thyroid supplements to get a better overview of your thyroid health.

So here we have a complete list of all the factors a potential buyer needs to look for when looking for the best thyroid supplement. If you take note of these factors step by step, we can assure you that you will be satisfied with your purchase decision. We have tried our best to highlight all the factors influencing your purchase decision. We hope that after reading this article you will be able to choose the best supplement easily.

FAQs: Top Supplements For Hypothyroidism

Q1. What Are Thyroid Supplements?

Thyroid supplements could be an effective and less costly method to improve your thyroid health significantly. The thyroid is a part of your neck that is responsible for producing hormones that help regulate your mood, energy levels and metabolic system. Thyroid supplements contain the essential vitamins and minerals that could help improve your body’s ability to boost thyroid health.

Q2. What Are The Benefits Of Thyroid Supplements?

Thyroid supplements can be beneficial for you in multiple ways. These supplements are backed by scientific research that would help in the treatment of your thyroid disorder. Moreover these supplements significantly provide your thyroid with essential vitamins and nutrients to boost your thyroid health. Other benefits might include reducing symptoms of muscle weakness, poor cognitive function or even thinning hair.

Q3. What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Poor Thyroid Health?

There are some symptoms that could help you identify the situation of your thyroid health. If you feel weak and tired all the time then you might have poor thyroid health. If you experience stiffness and swelling in your joints then you need to get a check up for your thyroid health. Other symptoms include sudden weight gain, thinning hair, slow cognitive functioning or even muscle weakness. Cigarettes, poor sleep patterns and alcohol consumption could also lead to impairment of thyroid functioning.

Q4. How Do I Know If Thyroid Supplements Are Right For Me?

The best way to know whether thyroid supplements are right for you or not is to identify if the lifestyle and dietary changes have impacted your thyroid health positively. If your answer is negative then you might need to consume thyroid supplements. It is recommended that you consult your doctor to have a better outlook on your thyroid health and the need for supplements. This will help you make your decision much easier.

Q5. Who Should Not Consume Thyroid Supplements?

Thyroid supplements are not recommended for people who have any existing medical condition. Consumption of these supplements in this case might lead to further deterioration of your health. Pregnant women should not use these supplements as they could be harmful to the baby. It might be a good idea to consult your doctor before you consume thyroid supplements to have a better outlook on your medical condition.

Q6. What Are The Differences Between Natural and Synthetic Thyroid Supplements?

You could find both natural and synthetic thyroid supplements on the market to balance your thyroids. Although natural thyroid supplements should be your first preference due to their approach to your health it is a good idea to know the differences between both types to make differentiation easier for you. Synthetic thyroid supplements typically refer to levothyroxine that would work as T4 which is a substance produced in your thyroid gland.

Natural thyroid supplements are found in nature and could provide several benefits for improving your thyroid health. However there is no harm in using synthetic thyroid supplements if done after the advice from a doctor.

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Q7. What Do I Need To Know When Looking For Thyroid Supplements?

You need to be aware of multiple aspects when looking for thyroid supplements in the market. The first aspect you need to consider is the use of ingredients in the thyroid supplements you are looking for. This might have a major impact on your thyroid health so you need to filter out the products that contain ingredients that might be allergic to you.

You should also consider the taste, effectiveness and side effects to get your desired health benefits without any inconvenience. For more information on the aspects you may refer to the buying guide section where we have explained every aspect that might affect you in detail.

Q8. How You Should Consume Thyroid Supplements?

For the best use of thyroid supplements you should follow the instructions as described by your chosen thyroid supplements manufacturer. You should be aware of the prescribed dosage limits and never exceed them as it could further deteriorate your thyroid health. You should consume thyroid supplements with an empty stomach and try to avoid eating and drinking for about 30-40 minutes after consumption.

You could take thyroid supplements at night before going to bed as it is easier for the human body to absorb vitamins and minerals while resting.

Q9. What Factors Determine The Cost Of Thyroid Supplements?

The primary factor determining the cost of thyroid supplements is the ingredients used in the product. The use of high quality ingredients could increase the cost of thyroid supplements significantly. As thyroid supplements contain essential nutrients thus the more nutrients they have the greater the cost. However the brands on our list provide the best supplements at reasonable prices.

Q10. Do Thyroid Supplements Contain Allergens?

Usually thyroid supplements are designed to cater to a large consumer base and therefore they do not contain any allergens that might be harmful to you. However there may be some ingredients that could cause allergic reactions for a few individuals. It is recommended that you seek medical advice before consuming any thyroid supplements to avoid any inconvenience when consuming them.

Q11. Are Thyroid Supplements Available Only In Form Of Capsules?

Generally thyroid supplements are available only in the form of capsules. However if you are not comfortable with this form of consumption then you could crush the capsules in powdered form and consume them. You could even divide the capsules into two halves if you do not want to consume a whole capsule at a single time.

Q12. Can Thyroid Supplements Treat Hashimoto’s Disease?

Thyroid supplements can help treat Hashimoto’s disease which is an autoimmune disorder. This thyroid disease results in hypothyroidism leading to fatigue, weight gain and cold sensitivity. Some causes of this disease include hormonal imbalance, tick-borne infections, toxin exposure or even nutrient deficiency.

Consumption of thyroid supplements would be best for you when lifestyle and dietary changes do not show the effects of healing you were expecting. However it is also important that you should know the reason for your consumption of dietary supplements. Therefore it is recommended that you should contact a health professional for better advice regarding your consumption of dietary supplements.

Q13. Are Thyroid Supplements Suitable For Graves’ Disease?

Graves’ disease is a form of hyperthyroidism. This is also a common form of an autoimmune condition similar to Hashimoto’s disease. In this condition your immune system attacks your thyroid leading to overactive thyroid hormones. Symptoms include heart palpitations, weakness, eye irritation and nervousness. Several kinds of research have proved that thyroid supplements can help treat people with Graves’ disease. You should look for supplements that contain Selenium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

Q14. What Precautions Do I Need To Take When Using Thyroid Supplements?

Firstly you need to discuss your case with your doctor to identify whether you need thyroid supplements. This will ensure safe and effective use of the supplements. Next you should follow the dose guidelines as described by your chosen thyroid supplement manufacturer. It is never a good idea to exceed the dosage limit as this could worsen your thyroid health.

Q15. Can Thyroid Supplements Replace Prescription-Based Thyroid Medication?

There are some significant differences between prescription based thyroid medication and over the counter thyroid supplements. Thyroid medications that are obtained through prescriptions provide your body with synthetic replacements to facilitate the proper functioning of your thyroid.

Whereas thyroid supplements mainly function as providing vitamins and minerals that would support your body’s ability to improve thyroid health. Thyroid supplements cannot be used as an alternative to prescription based thyroid medication as the latter is used in extreme situations.

16. How Can I Improve Thyroid Health Naturally?

Several remedies can be used to boost thyroid health naturally. Some simple and effective ways include reducing stress levels, cutting down on allergens and minimising toxins from your life. If you feel that natural thyroid supplements could help you then you could try them out after consulting your doctor. This will help you take the supplements that suit your iodine deficiency and individual needs.

Q17. What Are The Side Effects Of Using Thyroid Supplements?

There are some side effects relating to the use of thyroid supplements. These supplements contain Vitamin D and an increase of this vitamin in your body can lead to hypercalcemia, kidney injuries or even discomfort in the stomach. Thyroid supplements even include selenium which could have side effects such as nausea, diarrhoea or even fatigue. In addition some other ingredients such as zinc, probiotics and green tea extract may lead to insomnia, nervousness due to caffeine and digestive distress.

Supplements And Thyroid Health – Wrapping Up

Here we have the best thyroid supplements you could try in the market today. These supplements share some similar characteristics such as high quality ingredients, good taste, excellent customer reviews, multiple health benefits and minimal side effects. We have tried to explain all the factors that are integral to the purchase decision of a potential buyer when looking for the best thyroid supplements.

Moreover there are a few factors that you should keep in mind when looking for the best iodine supplements. First you need to seek medical advice to ensure safe and desirable results from your chosen thyroid supplement. Suppose you are suffering from any medical condition or have been prescribed certain medications. In that case you need to make sure that your consumption of thyroid supplements will not have a negative impact on your health. There might be some ingredient in your chosen thyroid supplement that could be harmful to you, so make sure you avoid any such product.

You need to understand that taking thyroid supplements are not an alternative to thyroid medication as prescribed by your doctor. Therefore it is crucial that you should discuss with your doctor before consuming any over the counter thyroid supplements. As this is a matter of your thyroid health thus you should not rush this decision and choose a product wisely. Think carefully and identify the cause of decline in your thyroid health which would help you treat the problem well.

We hope that this guide will help you find the best thyroid supplement that would be beneficial for you in the future.

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